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Bogey Kidz Programs
Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Incorporated (Abington-Ambler Alumni Chapter) in conjunction with The Bogey Boyz Golf Club will be starting a "Bogey Kidz" Youth Golf Program.

This Initiative will combine a junior golf program with academic and social mentoring to provide our youth participants with the tools that are necessary for them to define their vision, set their goals, and possible develop a lifelong love for the great game of golf. 

Open to Boyz and Girlz: 10 to 17 years old. (Owning Golf Clubs is Not Required)
Our focus is to use the game of golf as a vehicle for relationship building, educational training, and personal development through the many values that golf teaches (Integrity, Honesty, Physical Fitness, Honor, and Comradeship to name a few). This program is designed to assist our youth in becoming productive and contributing citizens. Simply put, we want to put a golf club, a text book, values and purpose in each child's hand and mind. Then watch them matriculate from grammar school to the board room. Our belief is that the game of golf provides life lessons that lead to self-discipline, self-reliance, self-esteem, academic achievement, goal setting all of which promotes positive character development.

Al B. Quarles Jr., 
Guide Right Golf Coordinator/Co-President Bogey Boyz Golf Club
Bogey Kidz
Platinum Title Sponsor $3,000
Gold Sponsor $1,500
Silver Sponsor $1,000
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Bogey Kidz
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